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Our Mission is to make genuine Tongkat Ali available in any part of the world at affordable prices and to educate and spread knowledge about Tongkat Ali and therefore to fight against scam and fake Tongkat Ali vendors.

​​Tongkat Ali, also known as long jack or Eurycoma longifolia, is a plant that has many positive characteristics to the human body.

Our longtime experience with Tongkat Ali has made us become a pioneer within the industry.

Being aware of our responsibility, we stand for excellent quality, reliability and a competitive price-performance ratio.


Tongkat Ali is a plant originated in Indonesia, mainly on Sumatra Island. To some extent, Tongkat Ali can also be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Its botanical name is Eurycoma longifolia, but commonly also known as Longjack and Pasak Bumi.

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Tongkat Ali facts 2019 - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW


Tongkat Ali; used as a herbal supplement, is popular for its testosterone boosting and libido enhancing characteristics. Therefore, Tongkat Ali is very popular amongst middle-aged men, bodybuilders and fitness athletes. Tongkat Ali has become the most popular test booster in the UK.


Tongkat Ali is completely safe as a herbal supplement, however be aware that the (online) market is flooded with fake “Tongkat Ali” products.


Watch our video and find out how to differentiate real Tongkat Ali from fake Tongkat Ali:


- What you need to be aware of before buying Tongkat Ali -

Tongkat Ali is not equal Tongkat Ali. You might notice huge price gaps between different Tongkat Ali products when browsing through the internet. Tongkat Ali can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Tongkat Ali (powder)

  2. Tongkat Ali Extract

  3. Tongkat Ali root extract


As you might know from other herbal supplements you have taken before, they are usually either available as highly dosed extracts or highly concentrated. Herbal supplements only have noticeable effects to the human body if they are highly dosed or concentrated. Otherwise they just don’t work.


The only category where you will notice proper effects from is: Tongkat Ali root extract. Genuine Tongkat Ali root extract is a valuable and expensive ingredient that can not be found in cheap Tongkat Ali supplements. If you find cheap offers for Tongkat Ali root extract or 1:200 Tongkat Ali root extract, please always question the origin of the product.


Most of the cheaper Tongkat Ali root extract products available in the UK contain ingredients that have been cheaply produced and imported from China or Malaysia. If you are looking for a strong but natural test booster, it is recommend to buy only highly concentrated Tongkat Ali root extract.

There have been several warnings published concerning Tongkat Ali products from Malaysia and China, more information can be found here and here. Also read THE TONGKAT ALI BIBLE and learn more about tricks and scams in the Tongkat Ali industry. 

You will not find a Tongkat Ali root extract product manufactured in the origin country Indonesia in the 20-30 GBP range.   


What are the benefits taking Tongkat Ali as a test booster?

Tongkat Ali benefits for men:

  1. Tongkat Ali increases the human bodies testosterone levels naturally.

  2. Tongkat Ali for male fertility.

  3. Tongkat Ali for fat loss and muscle gain.

  4. Tongkat Ali for increased libido.

Is Tongkat Ali beneficial for women? Can women take Tongkat Ali? Yes!

Tongkat Ali benefits for women:

  1. Tongkat Ali for weight control.

  2. Tongkat Ali for Libido and energy boost.

  3. Tongkat Ali for emotional support.

Watch this video and find out more about the benefits of Tongkat Ali (long jack):


We can only give out general guidelines. In order to determine the perfect dosage for each individual, we have to consider parameters such as gender, age, weight and body composition amongst others minor factors.


We provide to all our UK clients an individual dosage and cycle plan upon request. All you need to do is to contact us by email. We will then ask you to fill out a small questionnaire and we will email you back an individual cycle and dosage plan.

General Tongkat Ali dosage guideline for our 1:200 TA root extract:

To increase libido or treat erectile disfunction:

2 capsules per day for 4 weeks. 1 week off cycle. Repeat.

For bodybuilders and fitness athletes: (recommended as test booster)

3 capsules per day for 4 weeks. 1 week off cycle. Repeat.


I have been personally using Tongkat Ali as test booster and energizer for many years. However, there was a time, about 10 years ago where I had no clue that Tongkat Ali even existed.

I have been exercising my entire life since I am 16 years old. At one point, I was just searching the internet randomly for natural testosterone boosting supplements.


I came across many different products and I started to experiment with products that contain Ashwagandha, Maca, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali.


It quickly turned out for me that Tongkat Ali was the only product that really worked. I did not seem to have better results in gym only, Tongkat Ali gave me a boost for the entire day.


Surprised by the strength and positive effects of Tongkat Ali, I decided to find out more about this powerful plant.


10 years later I spend almost the entire year in South-East Asia, visiting countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

Tongkat Ali is extremely popular in South-East Asia, much more than it is in Europe or the US. There is a huge demand for herbal supplements in general and Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) in particular.


Our aim is to help people help themselves and to provide everyone interested in Tongkat Ali with useful information.  


Our company started to operate in the Tongkat Ali industry in 2012. Since then we have been continuously growing and have established a worldwide supply network in various countries, such as Germany, USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, Italy, France, Thailand and Philippines.


Genuine quality and 100% transparency is what we stand for. Ordering from us means knowing exactly where your Tongkat Ali comes from.


For many years we have been in a trustful partnership with one of the foremost Tongkat Ali manufacturers in Indonesia; PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi.


PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi are the creators of the 1:200 Tongkat Ali root extract which has become the quality standard in the market.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions related to Tongkat Ali. Our team and myself stand by and are happy to help you anytime.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



All the best,

(Founder TTAShop)