Low testosterone: Symptoms, doctors, and treatments

If you suffer from low testosterone, you'll learn everything you need to know here. Whether as a man or a woman - we'll show you what symptoms of testosterone deficiency, whether it can lead to hair loss, causing the deficiency and what you can do about it.

You'll also read which doctor is the right person to contact in case of emergency, what testosterone levels are normal, when to worry - and when not. Also, whether a testosterone deficiency can be a hindrance to the desire for children, you will find out here.

A lack of testosterone is a serious topic, which is far too rarely addressed. Many sufferers are ashamed or unaware of their problem. An estimated 20% of UK men have too low a testosterone levels.

What many do not know: Women can also suffer from low testosterone. Although testosterone is considered a manhood hormone, it is of great importance to women.

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Why does a person need testosterone?

The sex hormone testosterone controls many important functions in the body. If you suffer from low testosterone, it can lead to serious problems. Especially important to many men is that testosterone controls libido. She drives in the search for a sexual partner, provides for erections and creates attraction. Testosterone is therefore instrumental in reproducing and attracting men to women.

In addition, testosterone affects our state of mind. If the testosterone level is high, we feel strong and build self-confidence. If it sinks, we feel inferior.

One study found that successful men and women often have higher than average testosterone levels.

In addition to the brain, the body is also heavily influenced. Testosterone promotes muscle growth and fat burning. If you suffer from low testosterone, it is much harder to build muscle and burn fat.

Natural help with low testosterone: Tongkat Ali

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People with a high testosterone level also have strong body hair. The whiskers sprout. However, the hormone tends to ensure that the hair disappears earlier.

The sex hormone testosterone also helps different bodies to do their work conscientiously. For example, testosterone is needed to make new blood and to protein synthesis.

Even at a young age testosterone plays an important role, as the hormone supports bone growth and increases bone density. Thus one is not so susceptible to broken bones.

Also, body growth is accelerated, so that people with a high testosterone levels are on average larger.

In summary, the following areas are positively influenced by testosterone:

  •     libido

  •     sex drive

  •     fertility

  •     muscle growth

  •     bone growth

  •     body growth

  •     hematopoiesis

  •     beard growth

  •     protein synthesis

  •     voice

  •     state of mind

  •     self-confidence

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Testosterone has far-reaching influence on all areas of the body. One should therefore keep an eye on his testosterone level. Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows what the proportion in the blood really is. But do not worry, that will change.

What is the chance that I am suffering from low testosterone?

Ultimately, only a trained physician can determine if you have low testosterone. He takes blood from you and sends it to a lab.

However, a reliable prognosis can be made if you critically question whether you are in a risk group.

Below you will find the risk groups with the corresponding risk levels. If you are in a risk group, take a look at the risk level and add the digits together.

If you score over 4, you are at risk of suffering from low testosterone levels. If you exceed the sum value of 6, you are seriously endangered.

Risk group - Risk level

30-40 years old - 1

40 - 50 years old - 2

50 years and older - 3

Overweight - 2

Strong overweight - 3

A lot of stress - 2

Little sleep - 2

Little sun - 1

Less than 2 times a week sports - 1

No sports at all - 2

How does low testosterone develop?

It is perfectly natural that testosterone levels decline in old age. This process begins around the age of 40. For women, this phenomenon is well known and well researched. Time is called the menopause.
But that every man suffers, is little discussed. This time is called andropause.

As a result, the level of testosterone often drops so much that it can cause discomfort.

However, there are many other factors that can cause low testosterone.

In addition to diseases, our lifestyle can also limit the production of the sex hormone.

Low testosterone due to inactivity

Especially physical inactivity has a negative effect on the testosterone value. Who sits a lot and moves little, belongs to the risk group.

Our modern lifestyle is affecting more and more men and women. The majority of Germans work in the office and spend eight or more hours a day sitting.

Low testosterone due to too little thrill

It is also alarming that we rarely reach our limits. Our life has become very comfortable. When we are hungry, we no longer have to fight with a saber tooth tiger, but open the fridge. There are hardly any everyday dangers and we hardly have to prove ourselves physically. The actual need for a high testosterone level goes back to where our body reacts with a lower production.

Low testosterone due to an unhealthy diet

Low testosterone can also be caused by eating unhealthy foods. Unfortunately, this is increasingly the case. Fast food is cheap and available everywhere. Industrially manufactured food populates the shelves of the supermarkets and as we have less and less time, it has to be fast.

We eat too much sugar, salt and saturated fat. Important nutrients such as high-quality proteins, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber and phytochemicals take a back seat. However, these are necessary for the production of many hormones.

Testosterone deficiency due to stress

Stress and its effects are increasingly the subject of investigations and research. When we are under stress, it has many implications. Most of them are negative in nature. Among other things, the testosterone production can be affected.

Low testosterone due to overweight

Obesity can also lead to low testosterone. This is worrisome because 41% of all UK men are carrying too much weight. Especially belly fat is problematic and stands in the way of a good testosterone production.

More about the low testosterone symptoms here.

Low testosterone due to insufficient sunlight

Most of us spend the whole day in the office and get far less sunlight than we did 500 years ago. The result is that vitamin D deficiency becomes more common. The result is bad mood, depression and also a decrease in testosterone production.

Low testosterone due to lack of sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors that lead to a testosterone deficiency. You should spend about 1/3 of the day sleeping. That's equivalent to 8 hours a day. Also the quality of sleep is important. The quieter, the better. Make sure it's as dark as possible. If you have trouble falling asleep, it helps if you always go to bed at the same time.

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Alcohol slows down testosterone production

Especially in the UK, a lot of alcohol is drunk. This can lead to a variety of problems. Alcohol interferes with hormone production and can also lead to a lack of testosterone in this way. In addition, the quality of sleep suffers enormously from alcohol, which in turn inhibits testosterone production. In addition, alcohol is a common reason for being overweight.

Low testosterone due to drug use

Those who take drugs or hormones can harm their body in many ways. I think it is not necessary to elaborate that drugs should be avoided. You have no place in a healthy life.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Low testosterone can lead to many symptoms. The hormone balance is very fragile and affects the entire body. A very common symptom is that one often suffers from a bad temper and is irritable. A general dissatisfaction is spreading and affects the state of mind. Also problematic are occurring sleep disorders. The nights are restless, you often roll back and forth and find little rest. This is where a downward spiral begins, as it hinders testosterone production.

Memory can also be affected. You become forgetful, frisky and inattentive. Especially the short-term memory is weaker.

In addition, people who suffer from a testosterone deficiency, have the feeling that they lack the drive. Their ambition can be weakened and a loser mentality spreads. Upcoming tasks seem insurmountable and you lose the courage to set yourself big goals.

In severe cases, the sex drive can be weakened. It happens every now and then that you have no desire for sex and the libido decreases. In particularly severe cases erectile dysfunction may occur and decrease fertility.

A common symptom of testosterone deficiency is that it's hard to build new muscle mass. Despite regular sports, little progress can be reported. If you do not stay on the ball, you quickly lose muscle mass and strength.

Those who have low testosterone levels can also burn body fat with difficulty. Over time, more and more fatty tissue accumulates on the stomach.

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A testosterone deficiency makes muscle growth difficult.

Another symptom is a weak beard growth and a generally sparse body hair.
In addition, people with low testosterone sweat more and suffer from poor blood production.

The blood pressure can also increase, which can cause a variety of other complaints.

In many cases, low testosterone releases a chain reaction from subsequent problems that can extremely affect one's health.

In summary, these are the most common low testosterone symptoms:

  •     Dissatisfaction

  •     Irritability

  •     Depressions

  •     Restless sleep

  •     Bad dreams

  •     Bad short-term memory

  •     Forgetfulness

  •     Listlessness

  •     Lack of motivation

  •     Weak libido

  •     Potency problems

  •     Erectile Dysfunction

  •     Inhibited muscle growth

  •     Fast muscle loss

  •     Blocked fat burning

  •     A lot of belly fat

  •     Weak beard, little body hair

  •     Low blood production

  •     Increased perspiration

  •     High blood pressure

Which doctor can help with low testosterone?

First, you should make an appointment with your family doctor and tell him or her the problem and think guess. After a superficial examination you will receive a referral to a specialist. This is usually a urologist or a gynecologist. These two doctor groups are well versed in hormonal problems.

Women have the advantage that they are with the gynecologist at regular intervals anyway. However, men seldom visit a urologist.

Alternatively, going to an endocrinologist may make sense. This deals with diseases of hormone-producing glands. Alternatively, a sports physician is a competent contact.

Low testosterone test - This is how to find out

Many people do not want to go directly to the doctor, but first get a picture of their own condition. With the above list of testosterone deficiency symptoms, you can check out what your current status is.

If you find this determination method too inaccurate, you will find a variety of testosterone tests on Amazon. They provide you with a cotton swab, which you soak with saliva and then send back. You will then receive an evaluation from the lab, which tells you how high your testosterone level is.

Which testosterone level is normal?

To finally decide if you have a testosterone deficiency, you need to know which testosterone level is normal. The table below shows you how your testosterone value is.

Testosterone level.PNG

From the age of 40, the testosterone level drops by about 1% annually.

The range of the normal values is very large. Should It be advisable to use the upper limit of the table. A high testosterone value is more advantageous than a lower one.

Low testosterone in men

Who suffers as a man under low testosterone, has drawn a hard fate. Often the problems begin at puberty. The classmates hack on one and one is systematically marginalized and humiliated. This usually happens subconsciously.

The interest of women is usually less, because you can not show attractive physique, late body hair gets, no male behavior shows and produces fewer pheromones.

The bad thing is that those affected usually do not know what's wrong with them. They only notice that they perform poorly in direct comparison with their fellow human beings. A very depressing feeling, which is fueled by a low self-confidence and a subdued mood. Unfortunately, depression is becoming more common.

Everything about low testosterone symptoms in men.

Low testosterone in women

Women naturally have a significantly lower testosterone level than men. If there is a lack of testosterone, the effects are not so dramatic. This is because the difference to a normal value is not that serious.

In addition, the attributes inspired by testosterone are not female anyway. Society does not expect a woman to be particularly strong, self-confident and purposeful. In many cases, overweight will become a serious problem over time.

Due to the mass administration of birth control pills, the hormone balance of the woman is greatly disturbed anyway, which is why a special observation would be recommended.

Low testosterone hair loss

If the testosterone level is too low, this has far-reaching consequences. One of them is hair loss. At first this sounds confusing, because hair loss usually occurs in people with a high testosterone value. However, too low a value is bad.

Low testosterone: Desire for children - a tiresome topic

Several couples in the UK have a desire to have children, but these can not be fulfilled. That can be a big burden for a relationship. In a first step, it must be clarified whether one of the two humans is infertile. Here only helps the doctor. If so, consider how to change that. In many cases, the reasons are by no means irreparable.

If the man suffers from a testosterone deficiency that leads to impotence, then something can be done. Many men, however, are afraid of the prognosis and avoid the visit to the doctor. They fear that their masculinity will suffer forever.

How to increase testosterone naturally?

A patent remedy for the elimination of a testosterone deficiency does not exist. This is due to the very different causes. However, the procedures can be categorized as follows.

In deseases

If there is a disease, you should not lose any time and see a doctor. Especially if the thyroid gland, the testes, the kidney, or other organs are affected, you should not try to treat yourself. Go to the doctor and get examined. That's the only sensible course of action.

If there is a disease, you should not lose any time and see a doctor. Especially if the thyroid gland, the testes, the kidney, or other organs are affected, you should not try to treat yourself. Go to the doctor and get examined. That's the only sensible course of action.

If you have no illness

If you are a healthy man or a healthy woman and are suffering from a testosterone deficiency, you should check your lifestyle. Especially the areas of sports and nutrition are interesting.

You have to make sure that you avoid unhealthy foods. Specifically, you should abstain from:

  •     Alcohol

  •     Sugar

  •     Short chain carbohydrates

  •     Saturated fats

  •     Fast food

  •     Salt

  •     Soft drinks

  •     Fried food

  •     Sausages

Your diet should focus on vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, seafood, nuts, seeds, lettuce and dairy products.

In addition, you should check your calorie intake. Most people who suffer from a testosterone deficiency are overweight and should reduce body fat. This is only possible if you permanently absorb less energy, so you consume.

To increase your testosterone levels, you should also start with weight training. A physical strain will help you. Register at the gym and work out at least 3 times a week.

At the beginning you should focus on multi-joint exercises. These include, for example:

  • Bench Press

  • Deadlift

  • Pull ups

  • Rowing

  • Shoulder Press

  • Squats

The higher the weight, the better it is for your testosterone level. In any case, make sure that you perform the exercises properly. Let her show you by an experienced coach.

There are many natural agents that boost the body's testosterone production. Especially effective and gentle is Tongkat Ali. In the UK, the product is relatively unknown, in Southeast Asia, however, for many hundreds of years an integral part of the culture.

If you do not know it yet, I advise you to meet your testosterone deficiency. However, you must understand that it is a dietary supplement. It does not replace a healthy diet and not sport.

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Frequently asked questions about low testosterone

When should one treat low testosterone levels?

An emerging testosterone deficiency should be treated as early as possible. However, this does not require a visit to a doctor.

Those who initially only have a low testosterone level can correct this upwards with good nutrition and strength training.

If it has actually come to negative effects, you should arrange as soon as possible an appointment with the doctor.

From what point does low testosterone start?

There is no exact definition. This is because men in old age inevitably have less testosterone in their blood. Nevertheless, from a value of less than 12 nanomol, it should be assumed that you have a low testosterone level.

In that case, it is urgent to see a urologist or sports doctor.

Why do I get low testosterone levels?

Low testosterone can have many different causes. In addition to an age-related flattening of production in the testes, various diseases can accelerate this process. Especially diabetes and obesity play a role here.

Often a poor diet and a lack of exercise are factors.

What can I do about low testosterone levels?

The first point of contact should always be a specialist. This can determine how acute the testosterone deficiency actually is and prescribe medication in an emergency.

It is important that you question your lifestyle. The consumption of nicotine, alcohol and other drugs can contribute to the fact that the testosterone deficiency spreads.

One should quickly turn to as natural a diet as possible, which consists of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and animal products.

Regular exercise is also beneficial to boost testosterone production.

What are the consequences of low testosterone levels?

The negative consequences of low testosterone are very versatile. They settle on all areas of life. Especially physical and mental side effects torment the sufferer.

They lose muscle mass, accumulate adipose tissue and lose their libido.

In addition, they lose their confidence and their optimism. They become tired and tired.

Which doctor helps with low testosterone?

A first stop should always be the family doctor. This will make a first examination and determine low testosterone levels.

When this happens, he issues a transfer. Depending on the problem, this can be a sports physician, a urologist / gynecologist, or even a nutritionist.

Which sport helps against the testosterone deficiency?

Any kind of movement is better than lying on the couch. However, testosterone production is particularly stimulated by weight training.
The closer one gets to his physical limit, the more testosterone is produced. Strength training with high weights is ideal for this.

Can a testosterone deficiency lead to anxiety disorders?

Those who have too little testosterone in their blood will notice a wide range of mental changes. The development of anxiety can also be part of it.
These often revolve around loss, inferiority and pessimism.

There is a general dissatisfaction and fear of change.

Testosterone deficiency at 20
Those who suffer from low testosterone at a young age are often very depressed. Here it is important to look for the causes. These are often associated with a clinical picture, drug use, or drastic experiences.

Testosterone deficiency at 30
Already from the age of 30, a gradual reduction of testosterone production can occur. Here it is a matter of judgment to decide which causes come into question.

If the waste is not dramatic, you should first try to achieve a reversal by changing the lifestyle.

Testosterone deficiency at 40
From the age of 40, it is widespread that the testosterone levels of men and women are falling. This is a natural process that is normal. However, it still brings a number of unpleasant side effects with it.
Good nutrition, exercise and supplements can help stop and delay them.

Can a diet cause low testosterone?
Frequently during and after a diet, a flattening of the testosterone level. This is a sign that the body is suffering from deficiency symptoms.
Especially radical diets and those that severely restrict food choices lead to this problem.

However, since diets are usually performed by obese people and these already have a lower testosterone levels, there are measurement inaccuracies. The diet is not always the cause of low testosterone.

How to determine low testosterone?
In a first step you should inform yourself about the symptoms of low testosterone and check if you suffer from them. If this is the case, then you should make an appointment with the family doctor.

This will take blood from the patient and send it to the laboratory. There it is determined how high the testosterone level in the blood is. The doctor then interprets, taking into account the age and physical condition, if a testosterone deficiency exists.

Can a testosterone level be caused by too little sleep?
Sleep plays an important role in the production of the sex hormone testosterone. It is produced during the night mainly during the deep sleep phase. A healthy sleep is absolutely necessary.

A healthy sleep is when you sleep eight hours undisturbed at regular times.

Is low testosterone due to too much sport possible?
Yes, especially endurance sports contribute to a decrease in testosterone levels. Anyone who regularly runs over very long distances, or cycles, runs the risk of negatively affecting testosterone production.

Under normal circumstances, however, the negative effect in a healthy athlete is compensated by the body after exercise.

Are there any home remedies for low testosterone?
We recommend and sell Tongkat Ali as a home remedy for low testosterone. The dietary supplement can not replace a healthy lifestyle and can not be used as a medication in an emergency. However, it has a promoting effect on testosterone production.

The best results can be achieved by supplying the body with all the nutrients it needs to produce testosterone through food, stimulating them with strength training and supplementing Tongkat Ali. needs to produce testosterone through food, stimulating them with strength training and supplementing Tongkat Ali.

Conclusion on the subject of low testosterone

This topic is very versatile and serious. Because of our lifestyle, many men and women suffer from low testosterone and struggle with the symptoms. I sincerely hope that awareness of a healthy life will increase over the next few years, so that the number of complaints can be reduced.

Hopefully GPs will focus more on the hormone balance and thus increase the quality of their examinations.

Sources and studies

We deal daily with the subject of low testosterone and have made the enlightenment our vocation. We base our findings on a series of self-experiments, experiences and studies.

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