Low testosterone in woman - The symptoms and treatments

The topics testosterone and women are not at first glance together. Testosterone is considered the male sex hormone and has lost nothing in the woman's body in the eyes of many. This is a big fallacy. When women suffer from testosterone deficiency, it can have serious consequences. What to look out for, what symptoms occur and how to get rid of them, you will find out here.

Low testosterone in woman - a difficult topic

Women who suffer from low testosterone often carry this problem around for many years. They do not get the idea that something is wrong with their hormone balance. Not at all would they suspect that the testosterone level is too low.

Low testosterone in woman, however, is a widespread disease, but swept under the carpet. Here you will learn how you can recognize a testosterone deficiency as a woman and what treatment options are available to you. But first let's talk about what women need testosterone for.

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Why does a woman need testosterone?

The ovaries of a healthy woman produce testosterone daily and this is extremely important for the hormone balance and the body.

Testosterone causes in men, that form the sexual characteristics and later pronounced. This effect does not affect the woman. This task is done by the hormone estrogen. Nevertheless, testosterone must be assigned vital functions.

The male sex hormone promotes muscle growth, bone formation and reduces the binding of body fat. For many, it may be interesting that a testosterone deficiency of the woman causes the skin to deteriorate. A healthy testosterone level ensures firm, thick and resistant skin.
Even for a healthy heart, a sufficient amount of testosterone in the blood is important.

The brain also benefits. The short-term memory is strengthened and the general state of mind is improved.

The effects can be very diverse and vary from person to person. That's because there are many receptors that respond to testosterone. These vary in severity and are distributed throughout the body.

If a woman suffers from a testosterone deficiency, the many beneficial properties of the hormone can not develop. Testosterone also ensures a healthy sex drive in female bodies and has a fundamentally positive attitude to life.

Cellulite, a major problem for many women, can be alleviated by a healthy testosterone level.

Low testosterone in woman - How much of the hormone should she have?

Women have significantly less testosterone in the body than men. Nevertheless, you should make sure that this value is not too low. To be healthy, the woman's testosterone levels should not be below 0.35 μg / L.

However, it must also be ensured that the testosterone value does not exceed the limit of 0.6 μg / l. Too high a value can lead to premature hair loss and unwanted body hair growth.

A check of the testosterone level in the blood can be done by your gynecologist.

When does it often come to a testosterone deficiency in the woman?

There can be many reasons for low testosterone in woman. However, the most common cause is a decrease in ovarian activity due to age. This also leads to a decrease in testosterone production.

For example, with the menopause, which begin approximately at the age of 40, is expected to fall in the testosterone value.

At the beginning, there is often an increased release of testosterone, which increases the libido. This is followed by a rapid drop. This is accompanied by a loss of daily motivation and a low energy level.
For this reason, menopausal women often run the risk of developing depression.

Low testosterone in woman - The symptoms

Low testosterone in woman can be very similar to low testosterone symptoms in male. Science divides them into physical and mental symptoms. In the following I will go into more detail.

Physical symptoms testosterone deficiency woman:

  •     Increased fat storage

  •     Muscular dystrophy

  •     Low libido

  •     Skin irritation

  •     High blood pressure

  •     Sequelae

A very common problem is that the woman's body stores a lot of energy in fat deposits. This leads to overweight, shapelessness and does not look good.

The most affected area is the stomach.

This is mainly because the stored energy in the fat can be effectively solved and converted only by an interplay of adrenaline and testosterone. If the woman's testosterone level drops, the process is hampered.

With testosterone significantly involved in muscle growth and maintenance, it's no wonder that women suffering from testosterone deficiency lose muscle rapidly.

Here a chain reaction is triggered because muscle mass burns a lot of energy. If this is lost, it often leads to a calorie surplus, which promotes the formation of fatty tissue and favors.

The lack of sex hormone in sufficient quantity also helps to flatten the sex drive and the affected woman feels a low libido.

Mental symptoms testosterone deficiency woman:

  •     Irritability

  •     Declining self esteem

  •     Listlessness

  •     Bad mood

  •     Impotence

Testosterone has a tremendous impact on our mindset. Women who suffer from testosterone deficiency often feel powerless and unmotivated. They are emotionally agitated and easily irritable.

Self-confidence suffers from lack and this affects many different areas of life. Often women with testosterone deficiency are no longer attractive and desirable.

How women can fight low testosterone

The foundation for a sufficient testosterone level is a healthy lifestyle. This can essentially be controlled via the following four areas:

  •      Nutrition

  •      Exercise

  •      World of ideas

  •      Dietary supplements

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Especially the consumed foods play a big role. The nutrients it contains must provide the body with everything it needs to produce the necessary hormones.

To achieve this, a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables have to be eaten. Also lean meat, fish, eggs, healthy fats and kernels, nuts and seeds should be eaten daily.

Much of the diet should be herbal. In addition, the daily calorie requirement should not be exceeded.

To determine the exact, a calorie calculator, or a good body fat scale is recommended. Also fitness bracelets can be helpful here.

Only when the body is challenged athletically, a healthy testosterone production can be achieved. Strength training is ideally suited here, because you can bring the body systematically to its limits. The body reacts to a heavy load on the musculature by increasing the production of testosterone. Thus, the testosterone deficiency of a woman can be eliminated.

There are some dietary supplements that have been used by men for hundreds of years to raise testosterone levels naturally.

However women do without them. The main reason is that they were not allowed to do so before and these funds were reserved exclusively for warriors and wealthy members of society.

Of course, women today enjoy the same rights as men, but they still do not consider consuming supplements.

Tongkat Ali is an effective way to boost the body's own testosterone production. The root extract is plant-based and widely used in much of the world.

The world of thought is also a factor that influences testosterone production. With a negative mindset, low self esteem, and a pessimistic view of the future, you stand in the way of healthy testosterone levels. Work on your attitude and try to produce positive thoughts. The effect is much bigger than you might think.

Conclusion: Low testosterone in woman

If you suffer from low testosterone production, there is no reason to be depressed. You have already recognized the problem and know that a solution must be found.

By changing your diet and regular exercise can effectively fight the causes and after a few months you will feel a significant improvement.

A healthy lifestyle will also affect other areas of your life. You increase your attractiveness, extend your life and become happier.

Make sure you do not add harmful substances such as alcohol, nicotine or other drugs to your body. These can bring your hormone balance very much out of balance and harm you sustainably.

In addition, you should not be tempted to supply you with testosterone supplements. If synthetic testosterone is supplied to the body from the outside, this will correct the symptoms of the woman's testosterone deficiency in the short term, but will further weaken the body's own production in the long term.

Increasing the level of testosterone must be done by the body on its own, so that your health and general condition will benefit.
The trail may seem long and rocky, but you should realize that it is the much better option.

However, you can occasionally rely on supplements that boost your body's own testosterone production. The most effective remedy is Tongkat Ali. Be aware, however, that the root extract is extremely bitter and hard to consume.

Give yourself enough time for the project, let even small progress to your motivation and keep the ball. Only with daily commitment you will be able to eliminate your low testosterone as a woman.