Low testosterone: Symptoms that you should know

If you've come across this article, you're probably wondering if you're low on your testosterone levels. Low testosterone in men and the associated symptoms are well researched and the list is long. Because the male sex hormone takes over many important tasks in the body, not only the reproduction.

About 80% of all men suffer from a testosterone deficiency during their lifetime, but their symptoms are quite different. We have compiled the most common but also the less common symptoms for you.

Incidentally, here you will learn more about how to boost testosterone naturally.

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Low Testosterone: Symptoms, listlessness, fatigue & depression

The most striking symptom of low testosterone in men is a crippling listlessness. You can not get out of bed, you really do not feel like doing anything anymore, you can not make up your mind to do something active. In addition, you are often tired during the day and actually yearn for your bed.

This listlessness can go so far that even a depression sets in. So if you notice that your days are getting more and more inactive, tired and impotent, without a specific reason, you better go to a doctor sooner than later.

Low testosterone: Symptoms, mood swings and irritability

Men with too low a testosterone level often suffer from strong mood swings. Sometimes they are great, but a small setback is enough to send them back to the Valley of Tears. Then they doubt everything and withdraw themselves.

The irritability also increases. You feel vulnerable and react to every little criticism impulsive and irritated. Both are because testosterone has been shown to affect brain functions responsible for mental states.

Low testosterone: Symptoms of memory and sleep disorders

But not only your mind, testosterone also affects the memory in the male body. A lack of testosterone can therefore also lead to impairment of memory and sleep disorders.

So, if you suddenly forget things that have never presented a problem to you before, and sleep even worse than usual, you should pay attention to other symptoms.

Low testosterone: Symptoms libido, erection & fertility

If your own libido weakens and thus the desire for sex disappears, that is an absolute taboo subject for most men. Many men first come across this symptom because they may be suffering from a testosterone deficiency.

The reason for this episode may be clear: The sex hormone drives the libido of the man. If there is too little of this, it disappears. The strength of the erection also suffers from this defect. Of course, both can be used by others, e.g. have psychological reasons. But if you can rule them out, it might be time to think about a testosterone deficiency.

In addition, a lack of testosterone leads to a reduced sperm count, which impairs fertility.

Low testosterone: Symptom of muscle breakdown

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Testosterone supplements are no less popular among bodybuilders than they should be. Because the hormone contributes significantly to muscle growth. The more testosterone is present, the more effective is muscle training. Testosterone ensures that training intensity can be increased, resulting in stronger muscle growth.

Unfortunately, the reverse was true. A lack of it makes it much harder to apply the same training intensity. At the same intensity, it still makes the body harder to stimulate muscle growth. Also the general muscle strength suffers under this circumstance.

Low testosterone: Symptoms of fat & belly fat

But it gets worse. Not only is muscle growth reduced, on the other hand, the increase in fat, especially belly fat, is favored. The well-known lifebuoy, the men usually develop from a certain age, is due in most cases to a testosterone deficiency (often, but also to a lack of exercise).

Low testosterone: Symptoms of body hair

Nowadays, beards are more in fashion again than ever. Since testosterone is also responsible for the growth of body hair, it will be difficult without difficult to bear a beautiful beard. The result of a deficiency are stains in the beard and a generally lower growth of body hair, not only the beard, but the whole body.

Severe consequences of low testosterone

In addition to these symptoms, which can seriously affect your life, there are also serious illnesses that are proven to be favored by a testosterone deficiency. These diseases are:

  • Osteoporosis, a disease of the skeleton that causes bone loss

  • Diabetes, popularly known as "diabetes"

  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure & arterial calcification (vascular congestion)

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Many symptoms, one cause

As you can see, testosterone deficiency affects the male body in a variety of ways. Of course, every man reacts a little differently to a lack of the sex hormone.

If you have a few lazy days, your workout does not run as desired or you do not feel like having sex for a while, do not go crazy. There can be many different reasons for this.

If, however, several symptoms from this list and affect your life significantly, you can consult with the specialist in endocrinology and also test, should the suspicion harden.

Here you can find all information about how to boost testosterone naturally.