Low testosterone test: How to determine your testosterone levels

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body for men. It affects above all the libido and the potency - but also many other functions and tasks of the body. If you suspect that your testosterone levels are too low, then you should be thinking about a low testosterone test. What options exist for what they promise and what they can hold, you will find out in this article.

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Testosterone and low testosterone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone found in both the male and female bodies (just as estrogen, the female sex hormone, is also produced in the male body). However, it is much more present in men.

This hormone is responsible for the reproduction and controls the sexual desire, so the libido. In addition, testosterone affects especially several areas in men, such as:

  •      Memory

  •      Sleep

  •      Sperm production

  •      Bone structure and density

  •      Body hair and beard growth

  •      Building muscle mass

  •      State of mind

  •      Vitality

We summarize: Testosterone has an impact on many areas of the body and life. If there is a shortage in this hormone balance, you can imagine that this is messing up a lot.

Low testosterone can therefore affect the life of a man very negative. Especially when the desire for sex and the potency wears off and the general energy and activity is lost, so that man no longer feels like doing anything and would rather stay in bed.

It is therefore not surprising that men want to test for lack of testosterone, if they notice some of these symptoms to themselves.

What does a low testosterone test look like?

If you suspect to have a too low testosterone level for various symptoms, a low testosterone test is recommended. We introduce you to three different possibilities and show you which one is the most meaningful for you.

Online tests

If you google "low testosterone test", you will soon face several websites that promise to determine whether or not you have low testosterone levels based on just a few questions.

That's nonsense, of course.

These tests answer the most common low testosterone symptoms and give you an idea of whether or not you are likely to be deficient. You will be asked questions like:

  •      Have you been in the mood for sex lately?

  •      Do you have erection problems lately?

  •      Have you had any problems getting out of bed lately?

  •      Do you feel dizzy and melancholy lately?

  •      Have you recently gained belly fat?

Of course, this has nothing to do with a serious low testosterone test.

However, it can help you to see if there are really many symptoms that apply or not. But a proper test will never replace that.


Especially low testosterone tests for home, there are many in the market. The measuring methods are manifold. Some measure the saliva, others want to find out via a voltage measurement method, whether your testosterone level is okay or not.

Whether these tests are useful, you can argue about - so does the internet community too. Especially doctors warn again and again about the validity of these self-tests.

One problem of this self-tests, however, can be recorded in any case: You are left with the measurement and also the analysis alone. Tests have shown that different self-tests come to completely different results because they use different measurement methods.

Also, some things that you should consider when participating in self-tests. For example, the fact that your testosterone levels are highest in the morning and you should therefore measure at this time of day. Also, that you should measure several times during the day in succession, as the hormone levels can vary greatly within a short time.

So it can quickly come to wrong conclusions. And that's the last thing you want when you test your testosterone.

A better method is the saliva test for home with the support of a laboratory. And it works like this:

You buy the manufacturer's kit online and take a saliva sample yourself. Then you send this sample in the provided container back to the laboratory. A short time later, you will receive an evaluation including a test report andyou  can often even talk to a specialist via hotline to help you interpret the result.

The most sensible and safest measure is and remains the consultation of a specialist. Here you can be sure that the test is done under perfect conditions. In addition, you have an absolute expert at your side who can interpret the result together with you.

If the test proves that your testosterone levels are really too low, you can discuss with your doctor what measures should be taken to address the problem.

The doctor will either take you blood or take a saliva sample from your mouth and that's it. You will then receive your test results and discuss them with your doctor.

Which specialist?
To determine your testosterone level, you can either go to your urologist or an endocrinologist. The latter is a specialist in hormones.

When should you best perform the testosterone deficiency test?

Although it may surprise you, it does make a big difference what time you are testing your testosterone levels. Because in the morning the value is highest. You should therefore get an appointment early in the morning, between 8 and 9 o'clock, with your doctor.

Another tip: If you want to be sure, do two or three consecutive tests. Even in a very short time your testosterone level can change.

How much is the test and does my insurance cover the cost?
Low testosterone test costs between 20 - 70 GBP. The price for the actual test is based on the fee scale for the doctor himself. All other services, such as consultation by the doctor, will be added to the price. It's best to check with your doctor first and ask him about the cost if you are unsure if your insurance will cover the cost or not.

In most cases, the costs for a low testosterone test are not covered by the health insurance. However, there are exceptions. If it is made on suspicion of illness or e.g. in case of persistent erection problems, the health insurance can cover the costs. Again, it is advisable to get in touch with your insurance before.

Why do I have low testosterone levels?

Natural reduction of the testosterone level

Basically, just under 80% of all men suffer from low testosterone at one point or another. So it's much more likely that in your life it will happen at some point as well.

From the age of 20, the testosterone level in men drops by about 1.6% per year. This means that depending on your natural level, there comes a time when your value drops below a healthy value.

For most men, this time starts around the age of 40 years. However, since every body is different, this time can occur much earlier or later.

Lifestyle-related depletion of the testosterone level

In addition to these unalterable truths, there are also things in your life that can lower your testosterone levels. Things that you can influence.

An unhealthy lifestyle with little exercise and the wrong diet can result in a lack of the sex hormone.

What can I do about low testosterone?

Now you have the results of your low testosterone test and you realize that your levels are too low. And now?

One thing upfront: The world does not go under. Many men had the problem before you and there will be many more after you. In the meantime, there are a variety of measures you can take to improve your hormone balance.

Change your lifestyle
A healthy and athletic lifestyle can significantly contribute to a higher testosterone level. The following measures can help you:

  •      Muscle training with heavy weights and few repetitions

  •      A healthy diet consisting of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts

  •      Reduction of your waist circumference

  •      Reduce stress

  •      Regular and better sleep

  •      Sex. No joke: Studies have shown that sex boosts testosterone levels

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali or "Eurycoma longifolia" has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries to give men back their virility. And indeed, several independent studies have shown that Tongkat Ali root extract stimulates the body to increase the production of testosterone.

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Testosterone supplements

If you are really suffering from a severe case and your levels are so low that you can not bring them up with a healthier lifestyle, then testosterone supplements can be a solution. However, they do not help in the long run: As soon as you stop using them, your testosterone level drops again.

Unless you are ready to use these supplements on a long-term basis, they can be a solution.

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