Low testosterone treatment: Medications and how they help

You have noticed that you have a morbidly low testosterone level? This is so low that natural treatments and an improvement in your lifestyle is no longer enough? Then you should think about a low testosterone treatment with drugs. In this article you will find the most common methods and their effects.


(This article gives only an overview and of course does not replace any medical advice!)

Low testosterone treatment: Medication should be prescribed by the doctor

If you want to use treatment medication for low testosterone, you should do this under no circumstances, without first consulting a doctor. Professional guidance and regular monitoring is important as these medicinal products have a strong effect - and too high a testosterone level can also have negative effects.

Also, the drugs have various side effects that are not negligible. A specialist can also inform you about these and decide together with you which type of preparation is the right choice.

Before you use treatment medication for testosterone deficiency, you should also take a professional doctor's test to determine if your testosterone level is really pathologically negative. If he is not, you should under no circumstances resort to supplements.

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Low testosterone treatment: Medication

The preparations that are offered for the treatment of a testosterone deficiency can be divided into four different groups:

  •      Capsules

  •      Patches

  •      Injections

  •      Gels

All of them are subject to prescription and will only be taken over by the health insurance in certain cases: in the case of "Klinefelter syndrome" (chromosomal disorder) and in hypofunction of the testes.

Low testosterone treatment: Medication in the form of capsules

Capsules for the treatment of low testosterone have been around for a long time, but they are no longer often prescribed. Capsules have two major disadvantages: First, they put a strain on the liver, and secondly, testosterone is only absorbed into the small intestine. As a result, the ingested testosterone quickly becomes ineffective.

The reduced effect and the burden on the liver have meant that capsules are actually only used in exceptional cases. Swallowing, on the other hand, is easier than with other methods. Better alternatives still offer gels, injections and patches.

The costs on a monthly basis amount to about 60 to 70 GBP.

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Low testosterone treatment: Medications in the form of injections

This treatment must be divided into two different methods. Depot injections and simple injections. The former only have to be set about every three weeks and have an effect over a longer period of time. The problem is that in the time immediately after the injection, the testosterone level is too high, at the end of the three-week period, it is too low. Both should be avoided and can lead to various unwanted side effects.

The simple injection, however, is set about three times a week. And there is already the biggest disadvantage of this method. You have to go to the doctor three times a week. Otherwise, the more uniform administration of the preparation results in fewer side effects than in the depot variant.

With a price of about 30 - 40 GBP per month, these two treatments are significantly cheaper compared to the capsule option.

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Low testosterone treatment: Drugs in the form of patches

Another treatment method are testosterone patches. These are applied to the skin and release their active ingredient throughout the day to the body via the skin, which is an advantage over injections.

However, there are some disadvantages here as well: The patches are quite large and lose most of their effect in direct sunlight. Especially in summer this can be very disturbing if you want to take off your shirt in the swimming pool or just in the garden.

There are also side effects: Many men complain of skin irritation where the patches were applied.

An advantage, however, is certainly the price. With about 40 - 50 GB per month, the cost are rather moderate.

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Low testosterone treatment: Drugs in the form of gels

The most modern variant of the testosterone preparations are gels. They are applied daily. Here too, the application is quite simple. Each morning, one of the bags is opened and applied completely on the upper arms and / or shoulders, also on the abdomen, the application is possible.

The side effects of this method are limited. In a few cases it can cause skin irritation.

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Conclusion to low testosterone treatment by drugs

As already mentioned: If you have a morbid disorder of your testosterone level that negatively affects your life, medications are quite a way to remedy. You should never start a treatment without first consulting a doctor.

Of all treatments, gels today are generally the ones with the best effects and the least risk of side effects. If there is no good reason to keep you from gels (for example, intolerance), they should be your first choice.

If you have low testosterone levels, a drug-free testosterone deficiency is not the only way to get better. In our article on how to boost testosterone naturally you will receive many tips and instructions.